Our team

» Custom has a very strong team of 150 professionals, highly motivated.

» The team is well trained and has many years of experience in all areas of the international trade.

» 90% have university degree and 20% have post-graduation courses.

» Our team of professionals is constantly trained and up-dated.

» Strong partnership with companies and organizations with correlated services (lawyers, currency and insurance brokers, carriers, cargo agents, chambers of commerce).

» Work structure organized by customer and not by activity – Cellular Structure.

» Each customer receives customized services to meet its specific requirements.

» Participative and proactive management culture.

Av. Nações Unidas, 13.771, Bl.1 - 3rd floor
Brooklin | 04794-000 São Paulo - SP | Brazil

Phone: 55 11 4280-3700
Fax: 55 11 4280-3770
Email: grupo.custom@custom.com.br