Retail / Consumer Goods

Highly important in the Brazilian economic scenario, the retail and consumer goods sector shows a strong purchase and sale movement in international trade. Being a sector characterized by seasonality, the delivery and inventory control is a critical point that needs to be constantly monitored.

Custom offers a quick and efficient service necessary to meet the constantly growing demand and the products deadline, often “perishables”. With a solid structure and qualified professionals, Custom meets all operational, procedural and documentary requirements, including granting import licenses and complying with any other government controls, besides having international partnership to get competitive rates and additional services, if necessary, at the origin.

Av. Nações Unidas, 13.771, Bl.1 - 3rd floor
Brooklin | 04794-000 São Paulo - SP | Brazil

Phone: 55 11 4280-3700
Fax: 55 11 4280-3770