Business unit responsible for the international trade, customs clearance, process management. It handles overall import and export management, legal procedures and documentation, customs clearance, international and domestic logistics and all related services.

Service flexibility and customization is our key differentiation. The services are defined and scheduled to meet the needs and expectation s of each client, always seeking the best solution.

Custom team can work and perform as the customers’ own international trade group or also work together with your own staff to create the synergy for better results in this area.

Importation and exportation customs clearance.

» Import Permit - LI
» Import Declaration –DI
» Export registration and clearance – RE / DDE
» Tariff code classification for imported goods
» Foreign currency transactions
» Cargo Insurance for imports and exports
» DANFE emission
» Origin Certificate
» National and international transport services

Cost estimated for Imports and exports

Custom offer cost estimates for imports and exports based on data and technical information provided by customers, allowing the customers to know costs in advance, alternatives to reduce costs and risks, help customers in their planning of supply strategies.

Special Services and Procedures

» Temporary admission
» Rental of Imported Equipment
» Certified Bonded Warehouse - DAC
» Special Deposit - DE
» Drawback imports, exports, procedures and controls
» Bonded Warehouse
» Tariff Codes NCM studies for projects and data banks
» Ex-tariff studies to reduce duty rates
» Temporary Imports and Exports
» Imports of used machinery & equipment
» Leasing
» Blue line
» Customs Transit Permit
» Export Processing Zone – ZPE

"In House" Team

The services offered may include “in house” team, when our staff works directly in customer’s premises, handling and managing all imports and exports activities, procedures, documentation, controls, all necessary tasks.

Process re-evaluation - Anamnesis

Custom can carry out a complete diagnosis of the international trade process for your company and make specific recommendations to improve results, controls and efficiency. Our experienced professional teams are experts on fiscal, tax, import procedures, export procedures, financial issues, IT and systems and are prepared to offer solutions to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Fiscal Classification of Goods

Custom offers a fiscal assessment and classification service based on customer database, counting with dedicated professional team. The precise product analysis and its complete description are essential for a correct classification to avoid wrong codes and related risks. For special projects and if so required we prepare and send request of tax classification directly to Brazilian Federal Revenue Service.

Consultancy and Advisory in customs legislation

Consultancy for foreign companies starting operations in Brazil

Custom offers support for new ventures and investments starting operations in Brazil through advisory, consultancy, feasibility studies and market studies in addition to indication of partnership with lawyers’ offices, accounting offices, and others. Custom can manage the whole investment operation of imports machinery and equipment for new plants, set up procedures and controls for regular imports of raw materials and components, cost estimates, etc. Its structures and carries out the first operations of international trade, facilitating and anticipating the activities beginning.

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