Social responsibility

Custom, as part of overall society, keeps relationships and corporate actions at highest ethical standards and social responsibility.

For the employees:

• Benefit Packages;

• Education incentive for university courses;

• Incentive to learn foreign languages;

• Profit share program;

• Participative management;

• Pópulus Project;

Actions on behalf of employees and their families to promote social interaction, health, well-being and group motivation. The Pópulus Project is divided in 5 types with directional and specific actions:

“Salutem”: Sports and lectures with focus on nutrition education and health;

“Socialis”: Activities that stimulates interaction amont employees and their families;

“Próximus”: Social action organized by the employees;

“Sapientia”: Training activities in most important subjects and issues;

“Pecunis”: Lectures about financial guidance.

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