Custom Group permanently invests in hardware and software systems to obtain the operating efficiency, improve productivity, gain stability, high level of security and flexibility.

The management system used by Custom, Papillon was developed to manage all phases and data applied to imports, exports, logistics, customs clearance and related services and is constantly improved and up-dated to meet high quality standards and reliability of our data processing capabilities.

It allows exchange information directly with customers’ management systems, offers the best productivity, eliminating the need of repeated typing of process data and avoids possible failures and mistakes.

It also offers, on the internet, the possibility of process tracking as well as many managerial reports.

Its functions and technical capabilities offer flexibility and security through controls separated by customers, process, worker or other necessary variables.

Regarding infrastructure, Custom works with top-quality and reliable equipment (servers, user computer terminal and network equipment) and apply the best practices available in market.

It keeps all servers and communication links working in redundancy and with the highest capacity.

For security, it installs and keeps the latest version of the Firewalls e antivirus software.

These features assure that the operation meets and exceeds our customers demand for data processing in due time and as needed.

Come to see the best technical infrastructure in the market.

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